Help keep small businesses afloat as the world fights the Coronavirus. 

Introducing COVaid, a new zero-fee, donation only category on Beauty Backer.

COVaid is available to small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups of all industries experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19

Beauty Backer is waiving our fees on contributions to businesses made through COVaid.
(Stripe processing fees still apply)

 the Heart of the Community

 Together, we can help keep these businesses afloat as the world fights the Coronavirus

With all the politics and red tape involved, even businesses that do qualify for Government aid may not see it for several months.


COVaid allows these businesses to quickly set up a crowdfunding campaign and start collecting donations immediately from family, friends, loyal customers and anyone else who wants to keep the local hair salon, pizza shop or bakery ready and able to reopen when all of this is over.

Features and benefits Of COVaid include:

Dedicated category for businesses experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19

Donation only category, no reward creation required. 

Beauty Backer fees will not be applied to COVaid campaign

We understand unscrupulous opportunists may attempt to take advantage of others by creating fraudulent crowdfunding campaigns. To help reduce the risk and give contributors confidence that their contribution will be going to legitimate small businesses, campaign creators are verified before they are approved to launch a campaign.

Contributors should also do their own due diligence and support local businesses or known brands to mitigate the risk.

Beauty Backer is a reward-based crowdfunding platform exclusively for early-stage Cosmetic and Personal care brands and entrepreneurs. 

Our vision is to enable these startups with access to crowdfunding resources, designed for their industry, so they can scale their business while exposing beauty enthusiasts to up and coming, exciting products that align with their values.